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ERP integration

ERP Integration

Although K.Motion Warehouse Edge manages to work autonomously, full utilisation of the advantages of a managed warehouse can be achieved by connection to a superior ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning system) of the customer. All data needed for WMS to work correctly are automatically transmitted via data interface between the ERP system and K.Motion Warehouse Edge. This regards particularly key data (goods, business partners, distribution plans etc.) and order (purchase, sales, production). That guarantees that data in WMS will always be current and will correspond in real time to the status in the ERP system. For example as soon as the operator files a key card for new goods in the ERP system, that is automatically immediately also transferred to WMS, where it is available to users. The same also applies for orders and any other documents. Transfer of data between the ERP system and WMS is dual-directional, which is prominent mainly during order processing. An order filed in the ERP system is firstly transferred to WMS, where it is afterwards processed by the stock clerk (received or picked, according to order type). Information about an order accepted or picked in that way is then automatically transferred back to the ERP system, which based on these data can automatically perform the subsequent actions – e.g. automatic creation of receipt card, material issue slip, delivery note, invoice etc.. In that way, a saving can be made on the work and time of administrative staff responsible for purchase or sale of goods who do not even have to work directly from WMS.

K.Motion Warehouse Edge has available an already prepared data interface for a whole series of ERP (information) systems from foreign and domestic suppliers, which include e.g. Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly MS Navision), Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly MS Axapta), SAP Business One, Unipack, Mapics, Orfert, Helios Green etc.

In the case of a data interface not existing on an ERP system, K.Motion Warehouse Edge has a whole series of options and tools for safeguarding the required data communications available. The data interface can either be built on a verified transmission of text files between systems, on the transfer of data via designated tables in the K.Motion Warehouse Edge database or in an arbitrary external database or on a modern method of data transfer via XML and SOAP technology and web services.

In the case of implementing K.Motion Warehouse Edge in an environment with an ERP system where a standard data interface is not available, KODYS offers the development of this data interface within the scope of implementation services.