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HighJump Edge WMS benefits

All warehouse processes performed by individual stock clerks are managed by the WMS system and checked with the use of automatic identification (barcode, RFID, Pick-by-voice) in such a way that they do not delay service, but at the same time eliminate any errors (confusion of goods, bad number of goods, incorrect batch). The whole system is based on online communication between clients and the server and therefore you have an immediate overview of the work of every warehouse worker and of the status of the warehouse as such.


  • Accuracy of 99.9%
  • Paperless warehouse (more...)
  • Verification of every step in the warehouse process in real
  • Elimination of errors originated by transcription of data from paper documents
  • Optimisation of inventory movements



  • Support of FIFO and LIFO
  • Deducibility of products based on batch or product number
  • Reports and monitoring of products in time (more...)
  • Total and continuous stocktaking (more...)
  • Intake and picking in waves (more...)
  • Automatic control of the state of stock and managed supplementation (more...)
  • Configuration with the help of over 2,000 switches
  • ASN intake


Customer Care

  • Dispatch of the correct goods at the correct time to the correct place (more...)
  • Possibility of printing groups and specific labels for every customer (more...)
  • Creation of ASN reports
  • Reduction in the number of conversations connected with customer care
  • Easy finding out of information about the precise state of orders (more...)
  • Option of monitoring the status of orders in real time with the help of a web interface (more...)