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One of the basic processes in K.Motion Warehouse Edge is intake. It is one of the ways of bringing goods into the warehouse. Intake takes place usually based on a purchase order, which is usually transferred by data interface in the corresponding form from the ERP system in which it originates (this typically concerns an order of goods from a supplier). There are also versions of goods intake without a background material.
During goods intake, the worker has the option to after commencing or continuously print out labels with bar codes for marking of received goods - product, pallet, stacking and others.
Intake very often takes place concurrently with stacking, but one of the options is also intake in two steps – intake of goods to intake space (there can subsequently be e.g. a quality check etc.) and only then stacking takes place (see next step).


Main attributes:

  • Intake of goods based on background document from ERP or without it
  • Option of printing intake labels and marking of goods during intake
  • Option of entering additional details about received goods
  • After completion of intake via K.Motion Warehouse Edge, sending of information about processing of intake document to ERP


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