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HighJump Edge WMSPrincipleHighJump Edge WMS Principles

HighJump Edge WMS Principles

Who is HighJump Edge WMS intended for?

Thanks to its flexibility, the HighJump Edge WMS system can already be set up in a warehouse of an area of 500 m2 and with two workers, but also in premises of an area of 50,000 m2 and with tens of currently working stock clerks and operators.

With consideration to the processes used in HighJump Edge WMS, the system can be successfully set up both in business organisations (purchasing, storage, dispatch) as well as in production organisations (purchase of materials, production, storage of ready products, dispatch).

Main Pillars

The functionality of the WMS system is based on several main pillars:

  • records of intake documents
  • records of expense documents
  • records of storage locations in warehouse (warehouse map) and their contents
  • records of packing, packaging and packets
  • records of dispatch
  • records of partners (vendors and customers)
  • interface for communication with other systems

These elements form the backbone of the system and the actual warehouse processes in HighJump Edge WMS configuration are derived from the logics of this arrangement.


System Architecture

The system has three layers of architecture. It is made up of the following parts:

  • Backend, DB server – database server requires Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or 2005, interconnection with other databases is possible for communicational data interface though
  • Middleware, application server – made up of several basic Windows services and a server for telnet interface for mobile terminals
  • Frontend, web interface and thin client telnet – web interface is operated on IIS 5 and higher, for the web services to work properly it requires .net framework 1.1; text interface of the system for mobile terminals utilises telnet protocol and so works with  discretionary equipment supporting this protocol.

The following are advantages of this architecture:

  • centralised administration – client applications do not have to be installed
  • scalability and security - detachable database server and application server, possibility of using advanced technology for scaling performance and increase in security (e.g. clustering)
  • not demanding on end technology – thin client - web, telnet

System Interface

The AHighJump Edge WMSsystem can be accessed in several ways. These are:

  • web interface (web dispatcher) – enables display of information particularly for dispatchers and managerial staff
  • telnet client – text interface for performing warehouse operations – utilised by stock clerks; mobile terminal is used for access with
  • web workstation – web interface with functionality conforming to telnet client, utilised particularly at vehicular terminals