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Label printing

Printing of labels is one of the very important elements of a managed warehouse. Without duly marked goods they cannot be identified with certainty, and therefore handling unmarked goods brings with it the risk of errors. Therefore, K.Motion Warehouse Edge enables the printing of various types of labels for marking of goods.
All labels that WMS prints out are fully user-adjustable – the allocation and content (amount of information, user field) can be adjusted, as can the graphical form (add logo etc.).


Product label
marking of individual parts of goods, usually at intake or at marking during stocktaking etc.


Pallet label
marking of whole pallets (homogeneous and heterogeneous); also contains SSCC code for simple identification


Picking sheet
auxiliary list of products for picking (is printed out electively after allocation of sales order)


Requirement for Supplementation
is printed automatically in the case of a reason occurring for supplementation of goods (minimum limit achieved at storage location, no stock for allocation etc.)

Dispatch label
is printed during establishment of the packet into which it is picked – it is paired with a packing sheet


Packing sheet
is printed after the packet for which it is picked is closed – it is paired together with the dispatch label