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K.Motion Edge WMS

K.Motion Warehouse Edge WMS

K.Motion Warehouse Edge WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a comprehensive solution for automating records of processes and stock in the warehouse, where it will help you to:

  • increase productivity
  • reduce costs
  • quicken performance of deliveries
  • increase customer satisfaction clanky/067_Generic_Warehouse_Aisle_Shelves_m

The WMS enables automatic administration of warehouse operations across all storage processes, starting by ordering goods from the supplier and ending by dispatch of delivery to the customer.
The core of the system is software, nevertheless within comprehensive delivery the user also receives the necessary special hardware (mobile terminals, wireless network, printers) and all services connected with implementation of the system and putting it into operation. Naturally, automatic identification technology is used – bar codes, RFID, wireless networks and voice picking.  
K.Motion Warehouse Edge is used by more than thousand companies around the world.