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The standard function of the Dispatch module in the K.Motion Warehouse Edge is comprised of resources for records and work with dispatch packaging. The main functionality of the module is recording dispatch and the option of re-packing packaging (i.e. creating a new dispatch packing for the system and locating goods located in other packing into it). As standard the dispatch process takes place based on a dispatch document (transportation etc.), which contains a list of sales orders for dispatch. After identification of dispatch document, summary information is displayed and similarly as during picking the worker is navigated to dispatch areas and the loading of dispatch packing is required.

During the dispatch process, various information can again be displayed on the mobile terminal, entering of information can be requested (licence plate of lorry, driver's name) and checks can be performed (loading onto the right lorry, the right packet being dispatched)

Main attributes:

  • Records and work with dispatch packing – display of content, re-packing, printing of address labels and packing labels
  • Navigation of stock clerk for dispatch packing – similarly as in the picking process
  • Records of dispatch according to background document or without it
  • Records of the whole process – who dispatched what, when, and where to
  • Option of managing loading of lorry according to defined stops on distribution route

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