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Picking and packing


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The process for picking in K.Motion Warehouse Edge represents a succession of requirements for picking individual items for sales order, which are displayed on the mobile terminal screen in the order determined by rules for setting up picking routes. These rules can be fully configured and will also enable inclusion of specific parameters determined by the customer – for example mass and size. Questions of the mobile terminal during picking of one item are in the minimum recommended version a requirement for confirmation of the correct storage location being visited, removal of the correct product and confirmation of picked amount. Questions that the terminal displays during picking of item are adjustable – you can display or require the entering of user parameters or entering of number of dispatch package into which it is being picked.

The packing as standard takes place during picking, when the K.Motion Warehouse Edge system stores the picked item into the assigned (by scanning bar code) dispatch package or into the last open dispatch package. During picking, new dispatch packages can be established for which dispatch labels are automatically printed out and at the same time packing sheets are printed out for closed packages. The system also enables work with dispatch packages – e.g. movement of goods between individual packages or creation of new packaging at the same time as printing of labels and marking by SSCC codes. This enables the use of different packages for picking and dispatch.

The WMS system of course enables wave picking, i.e. consolidation of multiple sales orders into 'waves'. Orders consolidated like this can be picked at once and significant time savings can be made.
A special case of picking is picking controlled by voice, which an independent article is devoted to.

Main attributes:

  • more than 20 methods of picking
  • setting up of a picking route with the aim of securing the most efficient procedure for picking, fully adjustable rules
  • option of full configuration of questions to the worker during picking of item (checks, display or entering of additional information)
  • wave picking – picking of multiple orders at once (by going through the warehouse once with use of all optimisations for picking route)
  • records of dispatch packaging and their content with complete deducibility (who, when, where picking was from etc.)
  • continuous printing of labels for marking picking and dispatch packaging
  • option of using voice picking
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