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Re-stacking is a function that enables the transfer of goods in the warehouse by using the WMS system. Just as for the supplementation process and intake process, a recommendation of a storage location for stacking can be requested from the system via a mobile terminal.

HighJump Edge WMS supports two basic varieties of re-stacking:

  • one-step re-stacking – suitable if one person is re-stacking in passing through the warehouse once 
  • two-step re-stacking – suitable if one stock clerk is taking out the goods from the stacked location and the other is stacking the goods (e.g. the first stock clerk on a fork-lift truck, the second with a pallet truck – re-stacking of pallets to picking positions)

Second version of re-stacking - two-step – simplifies re-stacking between geographically distant locations and enables for example recording goods "on the way." For re-stacking in two steps you can automatically print out labels for marking the re-stacked goods for easier orientation.

During re-stacking you can also move all the contents of the storage location or e.g. create new pallets and mark them with labels with SSCC codes.

Main attributes:

  • One-step and two-step re-stacking 
  • Option of recording goods in the process of re-stacking ("on the way")


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