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The K.Motion Warehouse Edge fully supports work with sets (also called kits). A set is a collection of several various products that logically fit together and they are treated within the warehouse and warehouse processes as a unit (one product). At the same time, it is possible to look at a set as several independent component products the warehouse stock of which is kept independently.

WMS supports two basic warehouse processes relating to sets: setting up of the set from its components (production of set) and stacking of a set originated in this way into the warehouse, and processing of requirement for picking set from warehouse for customer.

Background materials for setting up a kit are the 'piece list' and also the work (production) order. Both of these documents are usually automatically transferred from the ERP system. The piece list defines what components the set is made up of, the work order then gives the requirement for setting up a certain amount of given sets. When processing the production order in K.Motion Warehouse Edge the necessary components for setting up the kit have to be picked from the warehouse and transported to the workplace (is defined as a special storage location). This process actually works similarly as picking of a common sales order. The worker then confirms ending of production of the given amount of kits at the workplace via a mobile terminal. That leads to the consumed components being deleted from warehouse stock and to stacking of produced kits that can then be treated as an independent product.

When processing a requirement for picking and dispatch of a kit (as part of a usual sales order), K.Motion Warehouse Edge can then adapt to the kit as to a usual product (in such a case it first has to be produced and stacked in the manner described above), or automatically during the download process of the sales order the kit can be broken up into its components according to the piece list. In the first case, the worker picks the kit as any other usual product, in the second case he/she has to independently pick all components of the kit in the required amounts.

Main attributes:

  • Work with piece lists 
  • Records of producing kit from components 
  • Stacking and picking of produced kit

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