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Warehouse processesReplenishment and reallocation

Replenishment and reallocation

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Replenishment is a process that is recommended automatically by the system as standard based on unsatisfied requirements for reserving goods from warehouse stock. Another version for replenishment is automatic generation of requirements based on set minimum and maximum capacity of picking storage places. The generated requirements for replenishment contain instructions about what goods are to be replenished in what amount, from what storage location and to what storage location. In the case of replenishment, a larger number than the system recommends can of course be replenished.

The system can be configured for automatic printing of labels (or sheets) with requirements for supplementation. It is also possible to automatically print out lists of items for picking as soon as order allocation takes place.


Main attributes:

  • Automatic generation of requirements for replenishment of goods from unsatisfied sales orders
  • Automatic generation of requirements for replenishment of picking storage locations based on determined limits insurance stock
  • Re-allocation (follow-up reservation) of unsatisfied sales order manually or automatically


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