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Higher quality solution for stocktaking of warehouse stock

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Horizont specialises in the concept, planning and implementation of projects of exhibition displays and interior design. The firm also does business activity in the field of lighting and implementation of lighting projects. As of today, Horizont represents six prominent producers of lighting in the Czech Republic, which is of peak design and quality of processing. The company, which was founded back in 1991, has been carrying out orders from its conception up until transfer of ready work to the customer. Its many years of experience and logistical equipment also enable very demanding orders to be secured from throughout the world. The company realises projects in Asia, Australia, Africa and the majority of European countries. Horizont places an emphasis primarily on an individual approach to its clients and a high quality of performance for all orders. The company with an annual turnover of 300 million crowns employs roughly 80 people.


  • Organisation of more exhibitions at one time
  • Synchronised dispatch and intake
  • Better financial overview
  • Further growth of company

With the Accellos WMS system, running in co-operation with  SAP Business One, and the Motorola mobile terminals, we manage to realise much larger display spaces smoothly. Our goods are also categorised, we know what state they are in and where they are located,“ says Norbert Seiter, CEO of Horizont.

Horizont knew from the start what it expects from implementation of the new system and use of the new technology. And in their words, progress fully corresponds to their expectations. Establishment took place according to a classical template: a project team originated, the system underwent testing and a tuning phase, and it has been in full operation since July 2007. None of the companies taking part – KODYS, SAP or Horizont – had any previous experience with such a type of implementation. Therefore testing was done and various complications were come across, caused primarily by a specific type of activity by Horizont (one article can be packaged in more boxes, the goods are not sold, just transported, activities of the firm are demanding for co-ordination etc. due to an unstable timetable). Everything had to be solved operatively.

The implementation was successful. The advantages are indisputable: speed, more efficient operation, scalability of solution, constant overview of goods and reduction in error rate by practical exclusion of human error. “By use of WMS Accellos in combination with SAP Business One we achieved an overview over all logistical processes and material flow. We can currently efficiently analyse these processes and subsequently optimise them. Any movement is transparent and under control”, concludes Květoslav Hanel, Logistics manager of Horizont.


During the process analysis, Horizont management found out that they need something more than what the SAP Business One technology offers. For management of warehouse and records of material flow we requested a higher WMS (Warehouse Management System) system for stocktaking and administration of warehouse stock.

“When choosing a WMS supplier we contacted the company KODYS, which offered us full implementation of the system and servicing. KODYS made a professional impression on us from first contact, including interesting relation of prices. We wanted to find a suitable supplier of technology and software and a serious, good quality partner who will supply them to us, and who will at the same time provide us with the necessary know-how. KODYS offered both,” says Roman Šilha, IT manager of Horizont, explaining the partner selection. In Autumn 2006 the implementation of the WMS Accellos system began, which KODYS recommended also due to clear linkage with the SAP system that Horizont had already used previously. There was concurrently a kind of breakthrough because it concerned the first installation of Accellos with SAP in continental Europe.

Horizont has been working on the Accellos system in combination with SAP from the beginning of January 2007. The whole system was put into full operation just recently in July of this year. The system records movement of goods not only in the warehouse but also at individual exhibition displays that Horizont implements throughout the world. Individual project managers of the company in this way have an overview in real-time of availability of stock, movement of stock between the main warehouse, exhibition displays etc. The system also records the quality (wear and tear) level of the goods, goods being repaired and goods intended for removal. Meanwhile every employee who has the correct user name and password can access the system. To make work easier, the system uses SAP Add-on module Exhibition Shipment, which helps for example with preparation for logistics or by monitoring the filling of freight vehicles.

Monitoring of goods would, however, not be possible without other technology, which are switched wireless RF networks and mobile terminals of Motorola (formerly Symbol Technologies) with wireless communication. Every warehouse unit has been fitted with its own bar code and is taken stock of via mobile terminals. With the implementation of these mobile terminals with wireless communication, warehouse employees have obtained an overview of the exact location of goods in the warehouse. Now stock clerks know exactly which part is located where and in what amount, and they also know the movements of individual parts of goods during the day. At present, the system efficiently manages the picking of goods and its routing. In the future, Horizont would for example like to expand mobile terminals, which now function only within “internal warehouses” for example in Litoměřice, also at exhibition locations and so retain a more detailed overview of the goods.